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Mortgage fraud does not only occur when someone tries to sell you a house that is occupied, on the contrary, sometimes the one who ends up being the victim of fraud is the same bank and the clients are responsible.

In this case, mortgage fraud occurs when you provide some information that is not true in order to obtain the credit quickly. These are some examples:

– When he says that he occupies a different job from the real one (not necessarily pointing out another company, it is enough to say that he is a manager when in fact his position is as a commercial executive).

When you indicate that the loan is in conjunction with someone who has no intention of paying for that mortgage.

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Suppose he is separated and states that his wife will also pay for the house. Not necessarily, since in this second option you can withdraw it, make the expenses that you deem convenient, and deposit the rest so that you pay interest on a monthly basis.

– When you lend your name for a loan of which you will not participate This is known as “the ghost buyer.”

– When you say you belong to your company for longer than the real time or that you receive a salary higher than your share

Committing a lack of this type not only leads to the cancellation of the loan application, but also generates a bad reputation.

Stay away from problems and always provide real data.

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The objective of the pension fund is, precisely, to provide you with the necessary money when you retire, so that you don’t miss anything when you no longer work.

Remember, it is not necessary to lie to get good credit, just compare your options , you will discover that there are institutions willing to give you more benefits than others.