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NEW YORK, July 14 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ABM (NYSE: ABM), a leading facility solutions provider, announced the launch of a City of Fredericksburg Public Schools Energy Performance Contracting (FCPS) program. listen)), located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. ABM’s custom solution generates $3.1 million in energy and operating cost savings over a fifteen-year period, enabling FCPS management to equitably retrofit facilities across the district and to improve indoor air quality and lighting for students and teachers, while supporting the City of Fredericksburg’s resolution to power 100% of municipal operations with renewable energy by 2035.

“As the largest consumer of electricity, diesel fuel and natural gas in the city, reducing the school district’s energy consumption has a significant impact on community decarbonization goals,” said Mark. Hawkinson, president of ABM Technical Solutions. “Our project creates these savings while helping Fredericksburg protect air quality and provide engaging learning environments for students throughout the district.”

In addition to energy savings and operating cost reductions through improved lighting, HVAC, and water conservation upgrades, the project also helped FCPS secure a grant through through the Clean School Bus program for the purchase of 10 electric school buses to further support the city’s sustainability goals. .

ABM’s energy performance contracting program allows a school system to invest in critical facility upgrades without drawing new capital from the community. The program is designed to reduce costs from a district’s operating budget, redirecting savings to fund critical facility needs and educational initiatives. ABM works with more than 500 K-12 school systems, colleges, and universities across the United States. This video explains how ABM offers a way to boost investments in educational institutions without upfront costs or tax increases.

Projections of the project’s annual positive environmental impact note that energy savings would eliminate 2,031 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), the equivalent of removing 442 cars or conserving 14 acres of forest each year.

“We show our students what leadership can accomplish for the well-being of our community,” said FCPS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Matthew Eberhardt. “This project ensures that our school infrastructure continues to provide healthy and engaging environments for teachers and students while delivering a big win for our community’s vital renewable energy goals.”

FCPS serves approximately 3,545 students in Fredericksburg, with two elementary schools, middle school, high school, and pre-kindergarten facilities.


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