As a first step, McDonalds adds healthy choices to its menu for customers

In the post-pandemic era, health is no longer a second option but one of the major priorities of people. Health costs are not spared and people consciously adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. The food we consume on a daily basis has a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. Many restaurants are now trying to incorporate healthy options into their regular menus. Fast food giant McDonald’s also aims to meet the needs of health conscious people, especially children. They have introduced nutritious options that can be added to their “Happy Meal”.

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Thus, the usual accompaniments such as fries or nuggets can be replaced with a range of healthy options. A fruit bowl with chunks of pineapple is one of those additions to the McDonald’s menu in North and East India. In drinks, customers can choose between Apple Juice and Chocolate Milkshake. Apple juice is 100% fruit based and contains no added sugar. The chocolate milkshake is also made with skimmed milk and is fortified with calcium and protein.

Mr. Rajeev Ranjan, COO of McDonald’s India – North and East, said: “With the introduction of the fruit bowl, 100% fruit juice drink and milkshake Fortified with calcium and protein in our Happy Meal menu, we offer food and drink choices that will enhance the well-being and delicious experience of our Happy Meal customers. We continue to make steady progress in our food journey and create positive and meaningful changes so parents can feel good with our Happy Meals. ”

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