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Whether it’s for a home office or a gaming setup, switching to a corner gaming desk can be an effective way to maximize your space and stay organized. These desks feature an above average length and a corner design which, as the name suggests, makes them perfect for fitting into the corner of a room. They often come with enough space for two or more monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice, and other relevant equipment.

Because the corner gaming desk market is oversaturated, this list features the best options and covers their pros and cons based on price, size, customization, assembly service, and storage.

Here are the best corner gaming desks, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

GreenForest Gaming Computer Desk

Image via Greenforest

This first corner desk is 58.1 inches long and is a reasonably priced option for those who want a significant upgrade from their standard desk size. Starting at under $ 70, this desk features a basic design with open legroom, chipboard top, various colors, and expert assembly at an additional cost.

While not as spacious or intricately designed as some of the other desks on this list, the low price and the ability to hold two monitors and a few extra peripherals mean the GreenForest desk is well suited for the concerned shopper. of its budget which does not need an extraordinary space.

L-shaped desk Mr IRONSTONE

Image via M. IRONSTONE

Although it’s a bit shorter than the GreenForest desk at 50.8 inches, the Mr. Ironstone desk has a higher starting price that puts it slightly above the price of the previous desk. What you lose in length you gain in a sleeker design and a built-in monitor and laptop stand.

The Mr. Ironstone desk also offers customization options ranging from a white marble top with a gold frame to black carbon fiber, giving it a little more room for customization.

This is a desktop for small setups: two to three monitors, peripherals, and a few smaller accessories at most. A streaming setup with larger XLR mics, encoders, and lighting equipment may experience issues with the smaller size.

Modern Cubiker L-Shaped Computer Desk

Photo by Cubiker

This reversible corner desk has a reasonable starting price of under $ 100, an overall length of 59.1 inches, a custom storage bag, item hook, and mobile monitor stand. Its optional customization designs and expert assembly option could make it particularly appealing to those seeking a more professional look for their work from home setups.

With a width of 18.9 inches, this desk is particularly slim compared to the other options. Despite the extra space for equipment, those playing FPS titles or micro-intensive games might find their arm space lacking in the heat of competitive matches.

Large L-shaped desk GreenForest

Photo via GreenForest

At 64 inches long and 19 inches wide, this desk is slightly wider and a bit longer than any previous option. It comes with a movable shelf and PC holder for additional storage. The larger size means two to three monitors can comfortably fit all streaming devices and equipment, although those with longer arms may experience issues with width.

Despite its high price, this desk still has some drawbacks. At over $ 100, this desk takes a hefty price tag compared to the others listed. And without any assembly service, hooks, or free storage bags, the only reason to buy this desk is its large space. If smaller dimensions aren’t a deciding factor, a cheaper option might be more practical.

Reversible L-shaped desk Teraves

Image via Teraves
Image via Teraves

The Teraves Reversible L desktop is 68.9 inches long and 21.65 inches wide, making it more than capable of accommodating a modern streaming setup. Three monitors, peripherals, an encoder and additional lighting can easily be installed on this desk. With additional shelves and a PC stand, it doubles as an organized office workspace.

The starting price of the Teraves L office is relatively expensive. The hefty price tag is reflected in its incredibly spacious design with professional looking engineered wood. The office does not have an expert assembly service, so assembly will have to be done personally.

L-shaped desk Tribesigns

Photo via Tribesigns

The Tribesigns L gaming desk is a unique competitor on this list because it is the only one to offer a full shelf over its entire perimeter. With a length of 57 inches and a width of 21.5 inches, there isn’t much to be desired in terms of space for setups and travel. The added benefit of its fully stowed perimeter means monitors can be placed on top of peripherals and other equipment. Verticality can really be your friend when you gain space.

With a price starting at nearly $ 200, an expert assembly option, a roomy design, and a red and black finish, this desk is making its way into this list with many pros. But there are a few downsides, namely the lack of customization.

If the red and black finish is not for you, there is no other option to choose from and no option for other materials. In addition, this desk is not reversible. If you think this desk would work better in your living space as a seven than an L, you’re out of luck.

But if the finish, shelf design, and length are fine with you, this is a spacious and unique option for those who need an L-shaped gaming desk that can handle almost any setup.

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