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Cowrywise Ope | June 16, 2022

Businesses and corporations tend to hold different cash positions for a variety of reasons. Some businesses prefer to hold cash, treasury bills, certificates of deposit, short-term bonds, or other liquid assets to mitigate liquidity risk and give them quick access to cash when needed. Other companies prefer to deposit their cash in banks that invariably offer apparently low interest rates and yields, while others choose to invest it in low-risk financial instruments through traditional fund managers. , with little or no autonomy or control over the nature of these investments. issue or the risks associated with it.

What is clear is that there are downsides to holding these cash positions. On the one hand, holding too much cash gives companies easy cash at the expense of the ability to invest and generate returns, because holding cash generates relatively little value. On the other hand, other companies that place their funds with traditional fund managers do so at the expense of their autonomy, transparency on available market rates and the ability to invest on their own terms.

Either way, these companies have something to lose.

So, is it strategic for companies to hold too much cash? Should companies review their positions on the investment of their corporate cash? More importantly, should your business consider investing idle business funds in a transparent and central platform that leverages the power of technology and asset management to help you unlock an additional revenue stream? Is such a tool available?

Cowrywise is a premier digital wealth management platform built on the belief that “Investing should be as easy as sending a tweet”with the singular vision of simplifying and enabling access to savings and investment products for the growing population of underserved and millennial Africans. Since Cowrywise began operations in 2017, Cowrywise has helped hundreds of thousands of Nigerians to build wealth and adopt sound budgeting and saving habits and is at the frontier of digitalizing wealth management for retail and corporate investors.

And now Cowrywise has expanded its vision to tackle a common problem facing businesses today, developing Sprout to help businesses easily invest and build wealth while preserving capital.

What is Sprout from Cowrywise?

Sprout by Cowrywise is a technology-based approach to investing for businesses that provides a central platform to identify, execute and manage investments from the nation’s top fund managers. As a business cash management tool, it positions itself as the best alternative to the outdated traditional cash management process available today, which is manual, opaque, prone to arbitrage and exposes businesses to liquidity and operational risks.

By emphasizing Security, Liquidity and Yield (SLY)Sprout by Cowrywise enables companies to invest in safe, liquid and higher yielding investment products (money market funds and indices), deliberately and carefully selected to avoid putting your company’s cash flow at risk.

Businesses using Sprout have access to a central dashboard (right on their desktop), giving them the autonomy they need to manage and monitor their investments. Through Sprout, companies can identify aggregated investments from the nation’s top asset managers and have the freedom to determine the best interest rates that work for them.

What Sprout Offers Businesses That Others Don’t

Sprout offers companies key benefits unparalleled in the industry: Capital preservation: Take advantage of low-risk investment products for your business, such as money market mutual funds from top asset managers.

Transparency: Sprout provides an overview of all your investment transactions with a single, easy-to-understand dashboard and access to real-time reports and data. No hidden fees. No jargon.

Flexible investment conditions: Choose an investment term that suits your business and your investment objective.

Easy setup: With the necessary documentation at hand, businesses can create an account on Sprout in 5 minutes or less.

Liquidate at any time: Convert your investment into cash within 48 hours whenever you need it – no hassle of long lines, calls or paperwork.

Best performance: Increase your income and avoid leaving idle money in the bank. Start generating safe additional income while preserving your capital, in a strong investment portfolio of money market securities from top asset managers. Security: Sprout also offers around-the-clock bank-grade security and protection, due to its PCI-DSS compliance and SEC licensing.

Key points to remember

  1. Businesses hold cash for different reasons, primarily to have quick access to cash when needed.
  2. Other companies tend to keep their funds in banks or invest in low-risk financial instruments through traditional fund managers
  3. Sprout by Cowrywise offers businesses access to a carefully curated portfolio of funds that produces better returns, with the added benefits of easy liquidation, round-the-clock security and a single, easy-to-use platform to make and manage investments

How can you set up your business to enjoy better returns?

Since the launch of Sprout the last week of May, several companies have adopted Sprout to achieve their investment goals. Your business can take advantage of Sprout to unlock an additional revenue stream.

Activating your account requires a few company documents such as Incorporation/registration documents, proof of address etc It only takes a few clicks and a few minutes.

Visit to get started.

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