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The 8th edition of the Capital Market University Challenge organized by Capital Market Authority is underway.

The competition, which targets university students, aims to equip young people with investment skills and instill in them a culture of saving and investing for the future by participating in the capital market.

This article will explore five things to know about the challenge and how it will benefit students.


According to Magnifique Migisha, head of public relations at the Capital Market Authority, the competition exposes students at universities and higher education institutions (HLI) to the savings and investment opportunities offered by the capital market and prepares them for as future investors and professionals in the capital market industry.

He said young people should not wait until graduation to start saving, urging them to venture into smart savings and investing to explore the opportunities offered by capital market products, including stocks, bonds or any other product offered on the stock exchange.

By instilling in them this culture of saving and investing, such opportunities prepare them as future investors and professionals in the capital markets industry.

Young people are also encouraged and supported to invest collectively through savings clubs.

CMA has encouraged the creation of savings clubs / groups among university and HLI students by providing capacity building training to establish savings clubs on how best to run their clubs and how to save. and invest in the local capital market.

How do students compete in UniChallenge21?

Over 1,000 students registered at the Capital Market # UniChallenge21.

The competition has become fully digital as all registered students compete through the digital platform accessible via

The competition includes both a set of quizzes and an essay writing topic.

The first round of the quiz category took place on May 25.

The second round of the competition for the Quiz category took place on May 28.

The candidates for the Capital Market University Challenge in the quiz category passed the 2nd round of the quiz on Tuesday, June 1.

Criteria for the test category

For those competing in the essay category, they will submit the final essays into the system under the theme “Why young people should consider saving and investing in the capital market at an early age”.

All applicants must submit their final essays by June 2.

The essay must, be original and innovative, Not to exceed 800 words.

Copying and pasting information from websites constitutes plagiarism, punishable by termination of the Challenge.

What are the prizes for the winners?

Prizes will be available to the quiz category and essay category winners in the form of securities i.e. stocks and bonds listed on the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) to introduce students the culture of savings and investment in the capital market. in a more practical and lively way.

Three laureates are to be awarded at the provincial level and three laureates at the national level.

How previous winners have benefited

University students who were awarded in the previous Capital Market University Challenge succeeded in creating jobs and continued to save through the capital market.

A group of six students who took part in the Capital Market University Challenge while still at university in 2017 on the University of Rwanda-Huye campus have now formed a business thanks to the prize of $ 1.1 million. Rwf who helped them save through the Bank’s capital market. from Kigali and

I&M Bank listed on the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE).

Nicknamed “Reliable Immense Company Ltd”, the company provides hands-on professional training in computer programs and capacity building software.

Théogene Kubahoniyezu, who is part of the group and was one of the three who took part in the quiz category, said that he also managed to start his own stationery business in Rusizi district besides being a shareholder of “Reliable Huge Company Ltd.

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