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Annapolis, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today announced the completion of the installation of energy-efficient lighting at the Annapolis Capital Complex and surrounding state office buildings. Maryland’s Department of General Services (DGS) Office of Energy and Sustainability is responsible for ensuring that the purchase and consumption of energy in state operations minimizes costs and improves sustainability , and the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) supported this project with critical funding. This project supports Governor Hogan’s executive order to achieve a 10% energy savings goal in state-owned buildings by 2029.

“We’ve made Maryland a national leader in energy efficiency and affordable clean energy measures, and this is another way to advance those efforts,” Governor Hogan said. “I want to thank the Department of General Services and the Maryland Energy Administration for their work on this project, which will significantly reduce our energy and operating costs.”

“We are pleased to make more progress on the Governor’s energy savings goals for state-owned buildings,” said DGS Secretary Ellington E. Churchill, Jr. “DGS will continue to serve the citizens of Maryland by leading plans, projects, processes and procedures to reduce the government’s carbon footprint.

During the installation process, nearly 8,000 old fluorescent tube light fixtures were removed and replaced with advanced LED retrofit kits featuring daylight and motion sensors. All existing lighting equipment was recycled under this contract and the recycling was handled by an approved e-waste recycling company.

“The MEA is pleased to have provided the $1.1 million in interest-free loan funds for this Strategic Energy Investment Fund project on behalf of the State,” said MEA Director Mary Beth Tung. “By reducing energy and maintenance costs, this collaboration relieves both ratepayers and a constrained power grid.”

DGS installed 7,680 new energy-efficient light fixtures on 652,564 square feet in five of the Annapolis Capital Complex buildings. These buildings include the Tawes State Office Buildings, Goldstein Building, Data Center, Revenue Authority Building, and Hall of Records Building. Together, the working environments of six state agencies have been favorably impacted. These agencies include the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Comptroller of Maryland, the Treasurer of Maryland, the Maryland Court of Appeals, the Maryland Special Court of Appeals, and the Maryland State Archives.

The Office of Energy and Sustainability projects that 689 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be reduced each year, with annual savings of 1601.MWH of electricity and $136,095.77.

“The Office of Energy and Sustainable Development plans to install an additional 5,000 LED fixtures in four additional buildings using the $450,000 utility rebates from Phase 2 of this project,” said David St. Jean, Director of the Office of Energy and Sustainable Development. “By taking the rebates ourselves, rather than handing them over to the contractor, the state can claim more rebates across three installation iterations, turning $450,000 into nearly $650,000 in additional devices. .”


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