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Northeastern State University recruits residents to take courses as part of its continuing education program.

Unlike traditional college, continuing education is a space where anyone can register to take a course to learn a skill or even start a hobby. Some courses are affiliated with a certificate, and others can be taken because the student wants to learn something new.

NSU offers courses in Business Communication, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Financial Basics, Business Management, Music, Education, Healthcare, Human Resources, Leisure, management and leadership, marketing, technology, test preparation, criminal justice, etc.

“It reaches out to the vast labor markets and even the high school labor force. For seasoned adults, he can train them and upgrade them. It will prepare them for professional employment; there are opportunities for observation at work, ”said Eloy A. Chavez, dean of the NSU College of Extended Learning and Continuing Education.

Continuing education exists to provide learners with a path to improve in their careers.

“We also have classes if you want to pick up a skill or a hobby or learn something new,” said Andrew McCarty, continuing education program coordinator.

Since the start of the pandemic, the college has moved most of its courses online.

Students range from high school age to retirees. NSU offers test preparation for ACT and music lessons and other courses to pass the time.

: If the person is in high school and there is a place to improve their skills, we are there for them. It’s a click-and-learn environment, ”said McCarty.

Currently, there is a shortage of teachers in secondary schools, so teacher preparation courses are among the most popular continuing education courses at NSU.

“It’s because more of these students are younger because they graduated from college and are going to take their certification course. It helps the test to do better to make sure they pass, ”McCarty said.

They also offer an Advanced Placement Summer Institute for those who teach AP courses, where they learn new strategies for teaching advanced placement courses. There is also a supply chain course, which is popular.

“We have a crime scene investigator course. We’ve had a few people signing up. We work in partnership with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. It’s in our Broken Arrow class. He’s doing well this year, ”said McCarty.

Those who wish to acquire skills to become chartered accountants can take continuing education courses.

They are also looking for teachers interested in contributing their expertise.

“For those who want to teach, this is a community opportunity. You can share your knowledge if you are passionate about knowing your skills. Any credentials would be helpful; we’ll take a look at it, ”said Chavez.

For more information, call 918-444-4610 or 918-449-6527.


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