OPG awards contract to Bird Construction for new clean energy campus

OPG announced in 2019 that it would consolidate all off-station personnel into one location. It will be a new head office campus adjacent to the existing Darlington Energy Complex in Clarington, Durham Region. OPG is hoping it will be ready to be busy in 2024.

This reduces OPG’s real estate costs and associated costs. In addition, it reinforces Durham’s leadership role in promoting clean energy innovation as Canada’s clean energy capital.

In addition, construction and increased employment in Clarington could have economic spinoffs throughout Durham Region.

“Durham Region is the clean energy capital of Ontario, currently producing approximately 30 percent of Ontario’s energy,” said Durham Regional President John Henry. “Durham is already home to an established energy cluster, and we are confident that OPG’s headquarters in our region will convince even more businesses. Durham Region is a great place to start, relocate or start a business. “

Additionally, Durham MP Lindsey Park added: “The plan to build a clean energy headquarters in Durham will translate into real estate savings for OPG, delivering real value for money … ‘builds on OPG’s decades of history in Durham Region, and the new campus supports our local vision of building a clean energy capital in Clarington.

In addition, according to OPG, the new campus will offer more than just a workplace; It will provide a thoughtful environment designed to enhance collaboration, foster innovation and embody OPG’s climate change goals.

Artist's impression of the interior of OPG's new head office.

The campus design will include aspects of Indigenous design, energy conservation and other sustainable building features.

Over the next few months, OPG and Bird will develop and refine the architectural design for the new building. In addition, they will develop the associated technology and engineering.

“We are very proud to be the key partner in this substantial and important project for Ontario Power Generation,” said Teri McKibbon, President and CEO of Bird. “Bird looks forward to completing this project in collaboration with its partners and OPG in order to successfully achieve customer goals and employ innovative and sustainable project solutions. “

OPG expects the land to be cleared in early 2022, followed by the construction of foundations and supporting parking facilities.

In 2023, construction of the exterior will be completed, while interior construction will continue until 2024. It is therefore expected that the building will be ready for occupancy in 2024.

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