PSA adds NETGEAR network switches to its distribution portfolio

NETGEAR provides end-to-end networking solutions to meet the needs of consumers and small and medium businesses.

WESTMINSTER, Colo .– PSA, the world’s largest consortium of professional systems integrators, announces the addition of NETGEAR to its distribution network.

NETGEAR, one of the world’s leading providers of networking products that power businesses and smart homes, would offer PSA a unique and comprehensive portfolio of highly flexible and scalable network switches. NETGEAR will also offer wireless routers, extenders, airbridges and WiFi range extenders to the PSA network.

“NETGEAR has a product offering that is second to none,” said Tim Brooks, vice president of sales and supplier management at PSA. “Offering NETGEAR products to PSA integrators is a testament to the diversification of disciplines that comes with the proliferation of technology.”

The manufacturer offers end-to-end networking solutions that meet the needs of consumers and small to medium-sized businesses by providing networking, storage and security solutions without the cost and complexity of big business technologies. information.

“We are delighted to include PSA in the list of recognized global brands with which NETGEAR works,” said Charles Vancheri, Senior National Account Manager at NETGEAR. “With our broad portfolio of high-performance products and our reputation for affordable quality and reliability, NETGEAR offers a product line that offers the flexibility and scalability that PSA will enjoy, both to continue growing its network and to provide a solution that their customers can count on. “

NETGEAR switching products offer five to 144 ports, with Gigabit, multigigabit, or 10 gigabit copper and / or fiber connectivity, intuitive network management options including insightful cloud management, advanced L2 and L3 features , full PoE support, and unique form factors.

The company’s switches also said they feature advanced, user-friendly switching technology that is built into modern designs and mounting options with its Click switches and Easy-Mount switches.

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