Review: SteelSeries Prime – a no-frills series of competitive gaming mice



Satisfying clicks

The wireless version has a long battery life

The bad

Can be a bit expensive

Gaming mice now come in all different shapes and sizes. From multi-function mice filled with RGB with buttons everywhere to the simpler but ergonomic design of competition mice, there really are a lot of different options. Today we’re going to take a look at a new set of mice in the latter category – the new SteelSeries Prime mouse series.

This new series of mice from SteelSeries includes the Prime, Prime + and Prime Wireless models. The Prime mouse series has a simplistic design inspired by rally cars. These mice all perform well, with no extra bells or whistles in a lightweight, ergonomic package.

They are part of the new series of Prime gaming accessories which also includes the Arctis Prime headset. The mice are now available in a price range of $ 59.99 to $ 129.99 and they each pack a punch that should make competitive gamers very happy.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on these three new mice, and was pleasantly surprised. As someone who is decent at competitive gaming is long gone, I’ve found the Prime mouse series to actually be quite comfortable in games that require faster mouse play. So, let’s jump in and see what these new mice from SteelSeries are all about.


Image: Josiah Motley / KnowTechie

I’ll start off by saying that all Prime series mice are pretty much the same when it comes to feel. If you were to lay all three mice without their cords, you’d have a hard time figuring out which one is which without looking for a label. This is of course by design. The only difference between these mice is what’s inside.

That being said, I’m going to talk about the overall feel of Prime mice as a whole. Mice are pretty basic, but that doesn’t stop them from feeling perfect in my hands. I tend to grip with a claw-like grip when playing FPS games, compared to a very relaxed palm grip in other titles. With Prime mice, every grip is perfectly natural.

The left and right clicks have fitted grooves that work well for centering your fingers. Whether you’re using a claw grip or a more relaxed grip, the left and right click buttons feel great. I spent a few minutes this afternoon clicking from different areas on the buttons, and they offer virtually the same feedback no matter where you press them.

Mice have a fairly standard shape that fits your right hand. As I said before, mice have some pretty basic functionality. The only extra buttons are the two thumb buttons that you find on most mice. These buttons are the perfect shape and size making them easy to reach and press while using any type of mouse grip.

I have big hands, so I’m always a little skeptical about little mice like this. However, after a few weeks with the Prime mice, I found that they were perfectly molded to fit different grips. Whether it’s FPS gaming, more casual gaming, or even basic browsing on my PC, Prime mice have a great feel that stays comfortable no matter how long they are used.


When it comes to capabilities, Prime mice are still very similar to each other, but with a few differences. I’ll start with the similarities and break down the differences a bit later.

To start here, SteelSeries has added a whole new mouse switch to Prime mice. This switch uses magnets to ensure every click is the same no matter how long the mouse is used. These switches are rated for up to 100 million clicks each. That’s a lot of shooting with a DMR.

I’ve used the most of these Prime Wireless mice and haven’t noticed a change in the button comments yet. The clicks are also extremely satisfying. It feels like every mouse click is a precise function that feels very natural. The mice also feature a rubber tactile mouse wheel that is perfectly weighted for functions like changing weapons.

In addition to the regular left, right, and center clicks, Prime mice have the two thumb buttons that are found on most mice today. They are both in great locations making them easy to find no matter how you hold your mouse.

So now we’ll start to get into some of the differences between the different Prime mice.

steelseries gaming mouse
Image: Steelseries

First, there is the obvious. The Prime Wireless is a wireless mouse while the other two must be wired. The Prime Wireless has a battery that lasts for up to 100 hours of playtime. I have been using it virtually non-stop for the past week and a half and have only had to charge the battery once, after a week of use. consecutive.

The wireless aspect of the Prime Wireless makes it a bit heavy, bringing it down to 80 grams. The Prime and Prime + weigh 69 and 71 grams respectively. Here’s why the Prime + weighs a little more:

The Prime + has full customization on board as well as an OLED screen to control it. By using the CPI button at the bottom of the mouse, you can fully customize the Prime + on the fly. This includes changing the RGB colors on the mouse wheel as well as polling rates and takeoff distance. Yes, the Prime + also has an extra sensor to help take off, but to be honest I had to go to great lengths to feel this sensor at work.

Should you buy a Prime series mouse?

So the ultimate question is, should you buy a Prime series mouse? One question I would like you to answer first is what do you look for in a mouse? If you’re looking for a mouse with a bunch of buttons and RGB everywhere it can be, then the Prime series probably isn’t for you.

This series of mice is for someone looking for a functional mouse with no extras that performs well under the stress of competitive play. If this sounds like you, then the Prime mouse series is perfect for you.

All you have to do is decide which mouse is right for you. The Prime is available for $ 59.99, the Prime + is available for $ 79.99, and the Prime Wireless is $ 129.99. All of these mice are perfect options for those looking for an edge in the competitive gaming world.

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Satisfying clicks

The wireless version has a long battery life

The bad

Can be a bit expensive

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