The bloatware browser? Now Edge adds a games panel

Microsoft is testing yet another add-on for its growing Edge browser, this time adding a Games panel.

Spotted in the Canary version of the browser by a Reddit user, which is used to test new features, the new Games panel appears to be little more than a link to Microsoft’s MSN Games pages. It includes titles like Solitaire, Chess, and other undemanding online games.

As with the other recently added features, it looks like Microsoft turns on the Games panel by default with an option to turn it off in settings. That said, there is no guarantee that the features tested in Canary will make it to the full browser version.

Reinforced browser

Edge entered the market as a lightweight alternative to Google Chrome, even though it is built on the same Chromium engine as Google’s browser. However, Microsoft has increasingly crammed the browser with new features and panels, putting the browser at risk of becoming bloatware.

Features added in recent months include shopping facilities that produce pop-ups when Microsoft detects that a product can be bought for less elsewhere, as well as discount coupon offers that flash in the address bar.

Other features that have been added to the browser include integration with Microsoft Office, a Math Solver, a Quotes panel, and options to find collections on Pinterest. Fortunately, most of the features can be turned off in the browser settings.

Microsoft has become increasingly arrogant with the Edge browser in recent months, especially in the way it tries to prevent Windows 11 users from removing Edge as their default browser. The company gave in earlier this month, announcing it would revert to the system allowing users to switch browsers with a simple drop-down menu.

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