Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands trailer highlights Clawbringer and Spellshot courses

Borders is known for his wacky sense of humor, pop culture references, and cel-shaded art style, which will carry on into the spinoff game Little Tina’s Wonderland. The high fantasy setting features fully customizable characters and classes to combine, much like many classic tabletop games, but mixed in with lots and lots of guns. In the new trailer unveiled at the Game Awards, two new classes were announced in addition to more gameplay footage.

Little Tina’s Wonderland is a new campaign in the Borders version of Dungeons and Dragons, where the unstable preteen is the dungeon master. During the Bunkers and Badasses game campaign, the most underrated feature of Little Tina’s Wonderland maybe the colorful environment that Tina weaves for the characters. Previously, Gearbox announced the first two playable classes available, the Brr-Zerker and the Stabbomancer. These are inspired by the berserker and rogue classes of classic fantasy games. Today they released the following two classes: Spellshot and Clawbringer. The Spellshot mixes magic and balls, while the Clawbringer is a powerful hitter, much like the classic hammer wielding Thor.


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Like the other two playable classes in Little Tina’s Wonderland, the Spellshot class has a perfect blend of magic and bullets. As with all classes announced so far, the Spellshot option has two special attacks. Ambi-hexrous attacks enemies in a mixture of fire and ice magic drawn from the caster’s hands before quickly reverting to his weapon. If two-handed attacks are not an option for a fast enemy, the player can use Polymorph to transform the poor creature into a harmless sheep, a monstrous sheep-like creature. Additionally, they offer the Spellweaving buff, which increases rate of fire and spell damage when reloading or casting spells. This allows them to switch between damage methods in a smooth fashion.

The Clawbringer is a class of skilled warriors focusing on lightning and flame attacks. These warriors are said to have dragon blood in their veins in the tradition of Little Tina’s Wonderland, which explains the dragon companion who follows them, breathing fire and slicing enemies with razor claws. In addition to the dragon companion, this class emits a dragon aura to increase the fire damage of party members. This heavy hitter wields a huge two-handed spectral hammer, slamming it over and over enemies in the Cleansing Flames special attack, creating a nova of fire. The other special attack will remind many players of Thor’s classic attack. Throw his hammer and call him back. Judgment of the Storm Dragon is shown in the trailer with a small message stating “legally separate from Thor”. The Storm Dragon’s judgment is the same, though it unleashes a powerful electric attack on impact.

With all four classes known to date, players will have various attack-oriented options, but will have to wait for supporting roles like a bard or cleric option. As fans wait for the next update on the game, there are a lot of things they can unlock or purchase, like the Special Edition. Little Tina’s Wonderland Loot Crate available for pre-order.

Little Tina’s Wonderland will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S on March 25, 2022.

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