We have installed Beta 2, new features here

In early fall, Google will launch Android 12 for the initial device selection. To eliminate the bugs, the brand plans to release several beta versions throughout the summer. In particular, we released the first beta of Android 12 a few weeks ago, although some new features are not yet ready.

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With the beta 2 of Android 12, Google is building the platform for Material You, the new interface for its smartphones, as well as some of the functions promised during its I / O conference. We have installed this new version of the future mobile OS from Google.

Some design changes

Material U, Android’s new design capable of changing the colors of the computer to your liking, has yet to be released in this beta.
However, we believe that Google has started the early work. The clock on the locked screen now changes to the background color, while there are several cosmetic changes throughout the system.
For example, Notification Center is entitled to a very round (and colorful) interface, while some interface bits, such as the volume control or the menu to turn off your phone, completely change their design with the Beta 2.

Google Pay and Google Home will change location

With Android 11, Google added a menu dedicated to payment cards and attached home. You can access it by pressing and holding the side button for a few seconds and the options to turn off the device will appear below.

With Android 12 Beta 2, this menu no longer exists. As promised during Google I / O, the Google Pay Cards and Google Home components are now grouped together in the action center. Two new shortcuts let you quickly open these two apps.

Confidentiality: The dashboard is coming

In the privacy settings there is a new menu called “Privacy Dashboard”. Offered during I / O, it allows owners of Android smartphones to follow spy applications.
By clicking on the example in “Location”, we will access the software history of our recent location, with the correct time each time. Google’s goal is to give you the ability to revoke access that you deem illegal.

An indicator for microphone and camera

Another change related to privacy is that Google now tells you when an app is using your microphone or camera. To prevent an app from staring at you in surprise, a green indicator will appear at the top right of the screen each time you tap on any of its components.

WiFi and cellular connection are integrated

Finally, the latest innovation of Android 12 Beta 2 is appreciable. In the notification center, a new system called “Internet” will appear.
It allows you to manage your 4G / 5G connection or join the WiFi network in one place, by toggling the “WiFi” and “Cellular” buttons. This is the first time that an operating system does not differ from these two ways of accessing the Internet.

The next beta of Android 12 will be available in July. If all goes well, you should make its first appearance there. From August, Google will have to start finalizing its OS by managing stability.

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